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Axe-FX users: configuration help

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Well I unpacked it last night but am having some problems getting it to work with my rig.


I used the first configuration in the manual with the effects loop because I use a modded MP-1 (3TM) for my distortion, bypassing the Axe for this but using it for cleans and bypassing the 3TM as well. However, I got no sound. But I'm not sure how to connect it with my GRX4. Suggestions?


This is how it was hooked up. The Axe-FX is replacing 3 units: Stock MP-1, G-Force and MicroCab cab sim. (Not listed below in config.). What am I doing wrong?




535Q in

535Q out>

BS-2 in

BS-2 main out>

ISP ProRackG Ch. 1 in

ISP Ch. 1 out>

GRX4 In:Buf


Loop 1


3TM in>

GRX4 Loop 1 send

GRX4 Loop 1 return>

3TM out


Loop 2


Axe-FX unbalanced in> (I know it should be in the Axe loop but not sure how to hook it up. Same with out below)

GRX4 Loop 2 send

GRX4 Loop 2 return>

Axe-FX unbalanced out



any help is much appreciated

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not sure if i'm understanding what you've written, but the loop send should go into the axefx in and the axefx out should go to the loop return


apologies if that's what you're doing, but it's not obvious from the way you've written it!



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I haven't got it configured yet. From the samples I've heard the distortion sounds good, but no where near the 3TM high gain level. I figure I could use it for some brown sound type rhythms or lighter distortion.


Now the guys tell me to remove my GRX4 and my ProRackG, won't need it. I still think the ISP will work fine with the 3TM though but it looks like I don't need the GRX anymore since now my IPS-33B, G-Force and stock MP-1 are gone.


So basically it's down to the BS-2, 3TM, ISP, Axe-FX and VHT.


Man I'm scared. My rack is down to almost nothing. How am I gonna strain my back lugging this thing around? Ha ha


{censored} I just want to get this hooked up for rehearsal sat and jam!

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If you need more gain press the ENTER button with the DRIVE control selected in the AMP. This will kick in the boost. I don't know if the manual is up-to-date on this.


Also, make sure your input trim is set correctly. If using the front-panel input the Level control should typically be set around 2:00. You want the red LED to just light when playing hard.



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I have a feeling eventually you'll get rid of everything in the rack that isn't a backup. The non-ultra Axe-fx was that good. I've gotta go back and play it some more very soon!

Wow this thread just got instant cred with Cliff, the designer of the Axe-Fx, joining us!!




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Cliff, I have to tell you I was a bit skeptical about all the hype. But after reading what this thing can do, the gear it eliminates the need for and the endless possibilities with this thing... it's mindboggling. I am totally floored and extremely impressed with your design and intelligence building this thing. I keep asking does it have? What about? and? Everything is there!


Kudos my man. You are truly a master.


Gorgon, yeah man this thing IS heavy. Ha ha


Dukie, not yet bro. Already added it and the Ultra to my 8-space, will test it out this sat at rehearsal.


Tats, I know, that's what scares me. Do I keep the G-Force? MicroCabII? ProRackG? {censored}, now I hear the gate in the Ultra is great. I am definitely keeping my 3TM Ultra+, that stays. ;) Might keep the G-Force and hook it up for post effects with my Mackie at home since it is paid for and I won't make the money back on it.


Is there ANYTHING this unit DOESN'T have?

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