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Newb question: How power amp work?

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Most of the recommendation is out of my price range i'm afraid, but thanks anyway.

Another Question: What cable do I use to hook up the pre amp to IE. Mixer or Power Amp. Instrument Cable or Speaker Cable?


To go from a preamp to whatever is doing the power amp job, you need an instrument cable. Speaker cables which are unshielded and pick up hum, should be used between power amp and cab only and they are also the only cables that should be used there. Seen too many people think they can get away with using a guitar lead for a speaker cable and frying their gear. :cry:


Mesa seem to make matched pairs of preamps and power amps so one of their offerings (no idea which one I'm afraid), is probably your ultimate aim if/when you can afford it.


A budget option if you can't afford a decent valve power amp is a solid state PA amp, probably combined with an eq to alter the tone to a more guitar orientated mid frequency response. Good luck with it anyway.

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