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How is the lexicon mx300??

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I was looking at this unit for a guitar rack I'm building. This is what I found out: The MX300 can only run two effects at one time, so for about $100 more, the MX400 is a better deal, because it's basically 2 MX300's in one unit (this is what Lexicon told me)

With further research, I found that when selecting an effects unit, to pay attention to the input Db. I'm not exactly sure what this means, but from what I read the MX300/400 is not really designed as a guitar rig because of the "lack of headroom" with the input Db. Maybe someone can explain further. I've read that the unit would be better suited for a studio or PA system.

If this is the case, I'll probably go with the TC electronic G major. I'd prefer the Lexicon, but not if it won't suit the application the way I want it too.

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