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Korg DTR1000 Tuner True Bypass?


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My Korg DTR-2 is completely out of the signal chain. It's a major tone sucker.

You could get a true bypass pedal or something like this:




i'm using the GRX4 from axess electronics and have one loop slot open for a compressor (haven't bought yet), but i'm thinking of putting the tuner there and assign it as "tuner" on my MIDI foot controller. this will solve the problem, but the tuner will not be on during the show (which looks cool!). i guess it's better to sacrifice that than losing your overall tone.


another alternative is using the line out of the THD hotplate to the tuner and se the hotplate to "load" as a "mute" option. this will still keep the tuner out of the singnal, yet it will be "on" and still look cool during the show! lol


someone suggested having the slave out of my amp (dual rectifier), which can work but will not have a "mute" option, even if i put the amp on standby.


i will look into that mixer option, or probably an A/B box option. thanks!



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