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Just got a G-Force some Questions help please :)

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Hi guys, thanks for the help in the past with my Midi Noob Questions.


Last time it was getting My ENGL SE, Diezel VH4S and JC-120 heads all into the GCX and GC-pro and you guys helped a lot.


So anyhoo I got a G-Force used from a guy who I think is on here and said Zakk is a great help on this subject.


I am stripping down my GCX and all the amp wires and starting from scratch as I just had a tube blow on the VH4S and I think I am running too much voltage for the outlet, so I have a Furman PC coming this week.


So anyhoo, I just wanted to get started and see how the G-Force works like all impatient people :)


My question is this? Where in the midi chain does the G-Force go?


Would it be like Midi Gc-pro------GCX out--------G-Force out --------VH4S midi in?? I am just starting with one amp, i will worry about the others later. I just got my Diezel back and want to just use that for now while I get an understanding of the G-Force and read and re-reading the manual 200 times before a midi noob like me get's it LOL Thanks guys!

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