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Which midi foot controller? Rocktron or Tech21?

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Soo.. Ive been looking for a foot controller for my SDD-2000 for a while now.. I think ive finally narrowed it down to these 2 controllers.. The Tech21 Midi Mouse and the Rocktron MidiXchange..


I really like the Tech21, i already have one of their DI units and its just super solid!! But ive read that peeps said the switches were to close together which made it kind of hard to use..


The rocktron looks nice, but ive never owned any rocktron products so i dunno about the quality..


Bottom line is that these units are more suited to my needs, i dont want a huge pedal board such as the Behringer units.. I just want something small that i can switch the presets on my SDD..


Any help or ideas would be awesome.. I'm not looking to spend more than $100 on something like this..



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