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What do pre amps do in racks?

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First off, if you want to call me a 'troll' or whatever then fine. {censored} you. I'm too lazy to se if theres already a thread like this so {censored} off.


I'm not experienced with racks and power amps and stuff. I've seen alot of photos of Metallica's racks and have seen that they have a Mesa boogie Strategt 400 pre amp. My question is this, can you plug your guitar into a pre amp and then a speaker just like your plugging into an amp head then your cabinet? What does the pre amp do? I mean does it make distortion or more overdrive or something? Why not just plug into your head and then your cab and {censored}? Do you NEED a pre amp for your rack or anything?



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any guitar "amplifier" is made up of 3 components. a preamp, a power amp, and speakers


a combo amp has all 3 in one box.

a stack has 2 components a preamp and poweramp in one box and speaker in the cabinet.

a rack unit basically separates out all the components.


some prefer this and others do not.


to answer your question. yes you need a preamp unless you want your sound to sound like crap.




guitar--> preamp--> poweramp--> cabinet.


add effects units and noise suppressor units, power conditioners, compressors, tuners as necessary in your chain.



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