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I picked up a Roland SRV 2000 Reverb yesterday

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Ive been looking for a replacement reverb unit to take the place of my now fried Holy grail.. I really liked the HG, i thought it sounded awesome i just wish it had a little more tweakabiltiy than one knob..


I was a little concerned about getting a rack mount unit as opposed to another stomp box only being that my rack is completely full now.. So cooling and cluster (cables+crap) kinda started to mingle with my ocd about having things just right..


So i had been scouring ebay and craigslist for something in the $100 range, since thats what i had to play with. I finally remembered to check out starving musician's website and sure enough they had the SRV2000 for $100 bucks. I figured its gotta be decent, it fits my needs just fine (Rack mount with midi etc) and the use and operation couldnt be that much different then my Korg Delay.. So i went for it and brought along a Boss OD that i wasnt using and exchanged that with the SRV.. In the end, i got the SRV for around $80 including another guitar strap and a patch midi cable, not to shabby!!


Rewired my rack and put it in and turned it on and.. It works!! I found that the user interface was a little trickier than my korg unit, but luckily i found a pdf of the manual, so that took care of that..


I havent quite been sold on this unit yet, it sounds really good but i'm not sure i want THIS much tweakablitlty with my reverb.. My holy grail was always just on no matter what i was playing etc.. I was almost thinking of just unplugging it from the MIDI and just leaving it on a single patch and go about my business...


But what fun would that be??


I"ll post pics in a few along with more impressions..

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