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Big questions regarding my rack that I want

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I am looking at buying a rack setup (had a previous post), but am stuck regarding amplifiers



I would like an amplifier head, BUT


It seems more conventional, that if I am going to have a rack, I might as well get a preamp and power amp (Not only to save space but sonically as well)


I was looking at a Rivera K-tre head with a Vader cabinet.


I am now looking at an Engl 530 Preamp with an Engl 840 Power amp with Vader cabinets (2 x 2x12's)


I don't live anywhere near any place that sells Engl amps, so I can't really go and play on a 530 with an 840.


Price wise, it's pretty much the same


Rivera head is a $1999

Engl Combination is $2048


I am really liking the Engl sound, but am not sure where to go with this....


What do you guys think?

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I feel that a preamp/poweramp system feels really detached.


A better comparison would be:


Engl Powerball/Blackmore vs Rivera


I would personally take the Engl. They're equally compressed and the Engl heads have additional channels and a more transparent power section for effects.

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saxxamaphone, is that a Fireworx above the G-force? If so, how's that working out for guitar applications?



yes it's a fireworx mate


It is KILLER for guitar... it's my number 1 for fx

i'll go to use my fireworx before my g force everytime


Just sounds better all round to my ears


The only downside is there is a LAG when switching presets.. hence why i have the gforce too.. if i need to quickly jump across 2 different fx..i'll use the fireworx then force

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