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Cool, easy MIDI solution...

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OK... I control my whole setup via a Ground Control Pro and a Boss volume pedal setup as an expression pedal. As such the only thing I actually have to plug in to my amp/rack is a standard 5 pin MIDI cable and it phantom powers the GC Pro and everything. Here's the deal... MIDI cables (connectors actually) aren't very robust and as such I've had mine come unplugged a few times.


So... I bought a set of standard 5 pin XLR style connectors and jacks. They're the nicer Neutrik ones that have strain relief and everything built right in, and they lock. Wired them up like a standard MIDI cable and bam! Instant robust MIDI solution.


I'm using a box at each end of the cable anyway so it works well. I route AC power to the GC Pro that way.


I've been pondering using a standard 3 pin XLR to do the same thing for a send/return deal. One cable with robust ends that locks in place and handles your signal both ways like a standard TRS.


The sky's pretty much the limit.

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