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For sale: Rane MPE14, Digitech TSR-24S

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So... they both have to go. Need to finance a Rivera.


MPE-14: Midi-controllable 14-band EQ that has two separate channels. I used to stick one channel in front of my tube head to boost the mids, the second channel before the power amp to even out the sound.


TSR-24S: Great processor for minimum $. I'm still thinking about keeping this one... but if there's interest, I'll sell it. I used it as my guitar synth, you can have redundant effects, route everything however you want it, it has 4 outputs, everything is totally adjustable through internal mixers, all sorts of tremolos, flangers, phasers, envelope filters, EQ, chorus, reverb, whammy, wah, etc.


Both $120 plus shipping. Rane includes power supply, Digitech includes power cable.


Pics on request.

Open to trades and any other offers.



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