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HELP: Power Amp Questions

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I am being offered a Mesa Simul Class 2:90 Stereo Power Amp for my

Mesa Nomad 55 Medium head.

This is basically my workhorse for smaller gigs and I use it with a

Mesa 1X12 Oversized.


Thing is when I gig small I also use my POD XT Live in front of the Nomad.

Since I never use any of the channels only the clean off the Nomad

everyone tells me I should get a Power Amp and just use the POD as the



My questions is that the Mesa seems to be that it says stereo only.

Does that mean I'd have to use more than one cab?

Or can I just use one of the channels and run the stuff Mono?

Will that be disastrous?

What should I do?


My ideal situation would be Mesa Oversized 1X12 > Mesa Simul Class 2:90> POD XT Live> Guitar


but can I do that? or will I have to get another cab?



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If I remember correctly, this amp is not of monoblock configuration, so you have to connect both channel speaker outputs to a matching load.


You would cause damage to the unloaded output stage if you ran one channel without a matching cab connected.


So yes, you will have to get another 1x12 cab. (Or the other option is to get a stereo 2x12 if you only want to be carrying one cab)

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It may not be monobloc, but if it's got seperate standby switches for each channel, you can just keep the unused channel on standby (Kinda a waste of a channel mind you... a stereo 2x12 out of the question?)

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