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Post your racks!!

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I've been reading HC forums pretty much since the beginning, but haven't been on in a very long time... had to re-register :) So, here's my Wet/Dry rack. It's really only notable because of how little I spent: $1500 for the entire rig including guitars and cabinets (already owned MIDI and guitar/speaker cables, so if you want to get REALLY technical, I spent $1600 bucks over 10 years on this specific rig, and I'm cheating by borrowing one of the cabinets because I blew the speakers out of the other cab I got with the Yamaha). One would be hard pressed to duplicate this exact rig at that price point, as I got some really killer deals on some of this gear, but even if you paid market rate for most of these items, I think you'd get a good sound for a good price. I'm of the opinion that gear is what you make of it, and if you know its limitations, you can do great things with it even if it's "crappy". I play mostly progressive rock, so sounds run the gamut, but mostly heavier stuff. Also, I am usually a bass player, so I'm not spending $$$ on guitar gear if it isn't my primary rig. I do sometimes play bass through this, with mixed results if in a band setting. As a solo rig it's actually pretty good.


Genz-Benz 16U carpeted rack - $75 on Craigslist

Peavey Classic 60 stereo 2x60W power amp - $150 on eBay

Digitech IPS-33 harmonizer $125 on eBay

Peavey Rockmaster preamp - $200 on Craigslist, recently tubed up by Bob from Eurotubes

Digitech DSP-128 (mostly for reverb, occasional delays) - $40 at local guitar shop

GCX Switcher - $200 on eBay

Paia Stack-In-A-Box preamp (I use for clean side) - $95 for the kit



Ground Control Pro - $300 at local guitar shop

Digitech TEC8 - $20 (I use only for making terrible noises) at local guitar shop

Digitech volume pedal - $20 at local guitar shop



Ibanez AX7221 (yes, the terrible one) - $99 at pawn shop (changed out cap values and jack to brighten the tone a bit) in drop A

Peavey Predator - $75 at pawn shop (bridge pickup replaced with SD JB Jr.) tuned to standard or double drop D



Yamaha SIII 4x12 cab - $100 (for dry, price includes 2nd Yamaha cabinet that I blew out speakers in)

Ampeg 4x12 cab - on loan (for wet)


Total cost of rig: $1499



Do I plan on replacing much of the gear in here? OF COURSE I do. I'm a student at the moment, and paying for school comes before gear. I'm going back to school so I can afford better gear in the first place. It's going to be awhile until that happens, but hopefully those of us without cash to burn can see that having a basic, yet versatile rack setup is doable to get started. Not sure yet if I want to do a compact W/D/W rig with Roland JC-120 for the stereo Wet and keep my Dry preamp through a mono power amp, or if I want to try building an all local rig (I live in Portland, OR) with 100% locally made effects, guitars, amps, cabs, etc... There are professional quality builders in this area for every piece of gear you can think of. Anyone have suggestions?


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What gear do you use?

I have several rigs for numerous occasions. My most basic setup from night to night is 2 Fender Stereo Ready 4x12s, Powered by a create spa 200. My preamp is an Engl Tube Preamp E 530. The effects I use are from an Alesis Quadraverb. I also use the Dunlop Crybaby Rack DCR-2SR and a BBE Sonic Maximizer.



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Ok, what the heck.. I'm all excited about my latest addition so here's my rig (sorry no pics yet)


Cheap pyle power conditioner (1u)

Line 6 POD Pro HD X w/ mkII pedal (2u)

into ART SLA-2 power amp (1u)

into BlackStar 2X12 cab with Celestions

-OR- my Marshall 4x10 cab, depending on which band I'm rehearsing or playing with (keep the cabs at the respective rehearsal locations)


Would love a BBE sonic maximizer in there.


LOLz on the Quadraverb GT in the above pics :) I actually have one of those in the trunk of my car.. damn thing won't die, both of them.

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