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Post your racks!!

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Originally posted by Warpsmasher

It's my first, be gentle:

The rack consists of:

SKB 6-space roto case

Gemini PL-01 power conditioner w/lamps

Behringer Ultrafex II

Behringer Virtualizer Pro

Behringer Ultramizer Pro

Chauvet PC-09 power conditioner

Eliminator E 107 power conditioner

It's half power conditioners, so the rack is the power center of my whole system, in addition to a low-budget processing chain. There are also a couple of Monster Cable power strips stuffed full of wallwarts in the back. I want to start another 8-spacer that will double as a pedalboard, now that I've seen a few people here doing it that way. The pedal-stuffers have inspired me!



nice...what are the 4 things on the wall.??.. looks like mini-turntables.??

cool set up..:)

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Alesis AirSynth (the orange one) and AirFX (the 3 blue ones). They're digi-theremin noise & effect devices, similar to the Kaoss pad, except you don't have to actually touch them, you just move your hand around over the dome. I have the left mixer's line out (guitar, mike and synth signals) going through the 3 AirFX, then through the rack processors, and into the right mixer. I made this system especially for sound effectsy noise fun and experimental ambient psychedelicness...here are a couple of recent recordings where everything was used in one way or another...





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Originally posted by SlipKid

I can't tell for sure. Is that a Mesa 20/20 power amp on the bottom?

If so, how do you like it? I'm thinking about picking up one of these...



Yup, its a Mesa 20/20. Its a great power amp with a ton of volume and tone, but i'm thinking of selling it now that i'm not using my rack anymore.

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Yes, it was one of the first intelligent pitch shifters and does it quite nicely. You can set the scale or mode and it will harmonize it accordingly.

I usually use it for Thin Lizzy-type harmonies. Being an older unit, the tracking is somewhat finicky.

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Small but heavy:






Hmmm...big tubes



And my new wah!



I control it using a DMC Ground Control and play through it with a 1980 Gibson SG Standard with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position.

The yellow cables are Van Den Hul D-102 III Hybrid, the black one a temporay Klotz. My signalcables are Tasker C196.

The Engl 530 has NOS RFT tubes, the Mesa well er... Mesa tubes.

Speakercables are MIT in-wall with Switchcraft Jumbo plugs:




Except for a cab (sovtek 4x12), I'm done for a while...



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