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Videos for neon CCFL & fluorescent


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I've got my video clips of musical lights ready. They are mostly based on variations of plasma lights (not the plasma TV. Plasma here refers to the gas in plasma state inside the different tubes). The structures are experimental just to illustrate my points but the controls are based on my solid Math & Electronics training.


:o The video clips sizes are from 100-500k which might strain some dial up lines.





(1) Lighting Sword

Neon tubes are impressive in their variation in length with proper control circuit. A bundle of RGB tubes gives out rich variations. Can be battery operated.


(2) RGB Merry-go-round

CCFL provides high brightness in small size and yet can still be battery operated.


(3) Stationery Moving Post

Fluorescent tubes are of course very bright. By proper design of the poster front cover, it gives illusion of movement without moving parts too.


(4) Audio Aura Ball, Golden Spiral, Thunder Flash & Musical Flash Magic

I have kept the LEDs. :D Declaration of interest : These are my company's products :D We are testing the Audio Aura Ball & Musical Flash Magic with our pilot customers for color therapy with the color changes softened.


Enjoy :)

How do you feel ? What do you want to see next ? :rolleyes:

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