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The Timmy pedal

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I own a Timmy pedal--it worked well as a specific niche pedal.  However, my Timmy pedal seems to have crapped out.  Interestingly, my friend's Timmy has stopped working as well.  I sent probably 20 emails kindly asking Paul Cochrane if he could repair mine.  No response or acknowledgement at all.  I will have the gentleman who does my amp repairs take a look at it to see if he can fix it or if it's even worth fixing.  If not, it will get the heave-ho.  Currently it is unreliable to use for any session work or live gigs.  I'm curious if anyone else out there has a Timmy that has stopped working?   I'm also curious what other people use that can be comparable or better than, the useless timmy pedal.  I will probably need to replace it.  


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So it's completely inert? Doesn't pass a clean signal in bypass? Low power electronics are pretty reliable, I would suspect the electro-mechanical bits first, namely the FOOTSWITCH. it's most likely a standard 3PDT footswitch that any competent tech can replace. Other possibilities are input or output jacks. Lastly, pots wear out with use so if there's one control you adjust a lot, it can wear out and cause an intermittent (on/off) signal problem. About the only thing that can "burn up" pedal electronics is connecting the wrong polarity power, although most pedals are protected from this too. 

I think there's an "authorized" licensed version of the Timmy made by a mainline pedal company, (looked it up, it's MXR, retails at $150) but in any case I'm sure it's sounds "close enough" to a real Timmy to get the job done, and you don't have to wait on Paul Cochrane to answer your email. It's just an overdrive pedal, man, there's no magical unobtainium diodes or soviet-era transistors, pickup an MXR unit used and get on with your mid-gained life. 

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