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Nobody seems to post here anymore :( so I'm just going to brag...


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Good for you Notes. After a crazy December and January, things have settled to about 15 gigs a month for me, but Summer and patio season are coming up. I just got my regular golf course, two Sundays a month gig back, and there are other patios that should start opening soon. I'm still getting Covid sub calls (1 or 2 a month) so that helps as too (well it helps me, sad for the sick muso). To be honest though, 20 gigs a month might be the top of what I would want to play. I was doing that and more last Summer and Xmas, and it was taxing to say the least. Happy gigging!

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Good for you, too, Shaster.

Our season is over, we did as many as 20 per month.

Good news for us: The beachside resort we've been working at for a while decided to keep us 3 days per week all summer. The owner said we made him so much money in the season, it's only fair to keep us on during the slow times, and that will make sure that we will stay there next tourist season.

Another huge RV resort is keeping us on 2 days per month.

So it looks like a fat summer for us.

Notes ♫

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