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A TRUE Stereo Chorus...?


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Greetings ~ Much as most of you, I've owned many a chorus pedal over the decades,, most good & some very good,,, But now as I'm going stereo into 2 small combos slightly angled away,,,  I want 'that' spatial & most noticeable Stereo effect.

I won't be setting it to any crazy sweeps, but just on it's MINIMAL settings, & just maybe 1 or 2 on the 'Delay', just to add some very slight movement to the signal....   I own a DOD Super Chorus, & a H20 Delay Chorus combo,, & they sound like they do it, & I could live & play with them, but as True Stereo & not some mathematical phase difference or whatever,, 100 buck range give or take....  How about the Boss DC2 Waza pedal, though it does have that annoying preset warbling effect.... cool pedal...

Thanks all & happy holidays

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