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Fiona and Ian - how is everyone?


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There have been a couple of big storms lately. Just wondering how the Canadian East coast, Florida... folks are doing. At my gig last night, I met a couple from North, or maybe it was South Carolina that had a tough time getting to Vancouver BC for a visit. Just wondering how Notes and others are doing. Hoping for the best.

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I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

I have the good sense to live in a well-built house, and on high ground. I lost more palm fronds and tree branches than I care to count, and spent a day piling them up for the trash people to take away. That's it. I have storm awnings and panels, plus a generator and fuel.

The good thing about hurricanes is that you know they are coming in advance, so if you know how to prepare and where to live, the odds are you will make it through the storm.

Ft Myers beach has been destroyed 4 times since 1960. I don't want to sound callous, but if you live near an airport, expect noise -- if you live in a flood zone, expect floods.

I feel for the people going through their tragedy. The lawmakers should have never allowed building on the barrier island. When Hurricane Donna damaged 75% of the homes there in 1960, and the taxpayers bailed them out, that should have been it. All property rebuilt, all houses bought, and all properties rented should have this clause boldly stated, "You are in a hurricane danger zone. You have been bailed out for the last time. Live here at your own risk."

That would have prevented the current suffering. The people moving there aren't told that the water rushing over the island averages every 15 years. Most of them didn't know.

Nobody should be allowed to build on a barrier island. It's a "barrier island" - duh!

I know it's beautiful, and a wonderful place to live, until a hurricane comes. If it weren't for those storms, I'd live there myself. But it's a disaster waiting to happen.

I sent a check to the Red Cross and I'll donate blood. Not because I have to, but because I want to.


Notes ♫


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Glad to hear you are okay Notes. Yes, it seems like people all over the world have to consider where, when or if they will rebuild. We had bad floods in my area last year (IIRC) and it turns out people had put farms and buildings on what was once a lake. Guess what happened when we had a "once in a lifetime" rain event? Yep, instant lake. Oh well, I guess humans are a work in progress. Stay safe.

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I think many humans are motivated largely by instant gratification. The beach is beautiful, I want to live there. These drugs make me feel good, even though they are habit-forming. It feels great to drive way too fast for these conditions. It feels great to play really, really loud. Smoking cigarettes can cause cancer, but I like it. And so many more.

Sometimes we don't learn to consider the future until we have a rude awakening. Sometimes we never learn.

Building on a barrier island in Florida is asking for your life to be in shambles sooner or later. Oh, but the beach is nice, the sound of the surf is relaxing, the ocean breezes are refreshing, and it just feels good to live here.

But rebuilding IMO is even stupider.

Since Ft Myers has been washed over 4 times since Hurricane Donna in 1960 with 145mph winds and a storm surge of 14 feet, it seems really stupid to rebuild. But there are property rights and the people have a lot invested in their investment.

I've been thinking a lot about this.

When building on a barrier island, in a river valley that frequently floods, or other specific places that habitually gets damaged, the government should only bail them out one time. Then in the future, it should be required on every land or house sale and every rental lease that the person does this at his/her own risk, and the government will try to save your life in a disaster, but that's it. You are on your own.

I may change my mind about this when I think some more about this, but I guess it doesn't matter anyway, because I don't have the power to change this sort of thing.

Insights and incites by Notes ♫

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