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Fulltone Wah-Full Effect?


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On 9/21/2022 at 12:24 AM, ksl said:

does that control to amount of overall effect w/o altering the volume of the incoming guitar signal?

That's a confusing question to me, but what you're describing sounds like a clean blend control, and I'm pretty sure the volume control on the Fulltone wah pedal isn't that, it's just a volume control that's only active when the wah is turned on. This is something I wish regular wah pedals had. 

In case you didn't know the, wah-wah pedal is a mid-range booster, and the treadle changes the frequency of the boost, not the amount of boost nor it's sharpness. 

It's possible to mod a standard Vox/Crybaby wah circuit  to make the midrange boost less (or more) "peaky"  and the upper and lower ranges of boosted frequencies can be adjusted by changing capacitors. 

MXR makes a 'super duper' wah pedal* with selectable frequency caps, adjustable "Q" (filter width/sharpness) and a switchable boost. Price isn't too bad! 

Fulltone wahs come with Mike Fuller's custom shielded inductor, I'm sure they sound great, but at the same time it's probably a tweaked version of the classic Vox/Crybaby circuit. 


*Gotta throw a PLUG in every once and a while to acknowledge our benevolent benefactors of beforum-ing. 

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After pondering ksl's initial question, I will go out on a limb and say that the volume pot controls the output volume of the effect and should not impact the overall volume output of the guitar itself.

To clarify, the Wah-Full is a not treadle unit, which, like the Crybaby Q-zone, allows you to get the 'cocked wah' mid-range 'honk', and to adjust the parameters across a fairly wide spectrum. The 'Custom Shop' model has some nice additions, like a overall 'style' selector [wacked/Jimi/Shaft] and a pick-up 'compensator' to add more honk for humbuckers. The added controls allow for extreme tonal variations and 'Q' within the narrow band, and lets you 'voice' the output in many unique ways not available on a standard wah pedal.


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