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I have a OCD, a Full Drive 2 and an Old Super Trem with the big knobs. The Full-Drive 2 is my favorite OD ever. Not to much gain and adds some nice over drive tones to compliment a cleaner amp like a blackface Fender.


All good things come to an end, I guess.



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Oh, noes! Is Mike Fuller claiming to be a victim of cancel culture??? He apparently posted something online that was interpreted as racist, so some outlet, Reverb I think, decided they wouldn't sell his products on their site. That may have spread to other retailers too, but don't know. G.C. had new Fulltone pedals for sale, so apparently  they were a dealer.

Never owned a Fulltone pedal, but I've come close a couple of times. I think it's pretty amazing that he could sell a made-in-USA pedal for just over a hundred bucks (pre-COVID of course). The FullDrive is probably the pedal I'd most like to buy...it is completely a Tube Screamer derivative, there are some tweaks like the "boost" setting but the heart of FullDrive is lifted straight outta the TS-9.  I think the FullTone OCD is a fairly original circuit, similar to the RAT and DS-1 types, and it seems to have been very popular with guitarists since it came out. 

Mike Fuller  was one of the original "boutique" pedal guys, and probably one of the first to be "exposed" for circuit copying, which was somewhat of a scandal in the pedal world in the early to mid '00s, when I first landed here. He supposedly was the first to have the now-ubiquitous 3PDT footswitches that allowed pedals to have mechanical/true bypass and still have an LED indicator. 

I wish him well... 

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Expect STUPID HIGH prices on FullTone stuff shortly while the market seeks it's level. 😄

I read his statement in the linked article and he blames "the four year climate" on the fact he can't make money building pedals in SoCal. So this is all Biden's fault!  He's retiring from the business and moving to a spread in the hills of Tennessee. 

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