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Hey Agedhorse... Meyer sub question

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About two years ago, I made a post here asking for ideal replacement drivers for a Meyer USW-1 sub (2x15). I sent you the CAD file with all the dimensions/etc, and you replied back that the Eminence Kappa 15LF looked like an ideal replacement. I bought two of those drivers, and the sub has been running great this entire time.


I've got another USW-1 that I need replacements for. Would you say at this point that the Kappa 15LF is still the ideal replacement for that box? It looks like they have a Kappa Pro2 or something out now, I don't even know if the 15LF is a current production model. I do know that worked great, though, and to be honest you'd never know the difference between it and the stock drivers, running side-by-side.

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