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BK Butler Tube OD's...??


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Greetings,,, Always wanted one, but was never a priority, nor is it pressing right now, but which of his pedals is the sweetest, buzz free models,, & not necessarily the most rare, but that kinda 'dirty is fun to know too...

There's one w/3, 4, or 5 controls, & I want 'that' violin sound, or something close. 

Thank in advance, 🕉🎸🦧

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Last I looked, a couple of years ago, Mr. Butler himself was still making these to order and selling them online, somewhere around $300. You want the one with the bias mod for for EJs violin tone. (boosted with a silicon transistor fuzz face too). 

These pedals have a long history, there's been 3, 4 and 5 knob versions made by various companies, some have been line powered with an internal transformers, 

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