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FS: TEMPUS IC Telemedicine Device and Package


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Up for sale is a Tempus IC its a fully integrated medical monitor and telemedicine system. The Tempus IC2 is powered from a single purpose-built lithium-ion battery; in excellent condition.

When in remote and challenging locations and hours away from quality medical help, it enables a non-medical person to obtain and transmit a sick or injured person’s vital signs to trusted medical support for treatment advice and diagnostic support.

The monitor can be set to an appropriate viewing angle with an integral foot and is daylight readable;

Supporting graphically labelled function keys;

Large, full colour touch screen display (6.5"/16.51cm)

Rich, context-sensitive graphical step-by-step procedures, with guidance at every step that is easy to follow at your own pace;

Intuitive icons give one-button access to all the main features;

Clear and logical graphical guidance is given for every procedure used to measure the vital signs on the device which are all securely transmitted in real-time to a medical expert;

Additional colour-coded larger adult and child blood pressure cuffs stored in the carry bag, if required;

Suntech non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) with pre-attached adult cuff, neatly stored at the back of the device;

The user-replaceable battery is specifically designed with a long run-time (>11 hours approximately) and a very low discharge rate to provide long shelf-life;

A connection can quickly be established with a medical response center and direct contact made with a medical expert made using a wireless headset;

The headset connection process is reliable with automatic power on and power off functions and a reminder to replace it after use;

More details about the Tempus:

Full set of monitoring features including blood pressure, pulse oximetry, wireless tympanic temperature, capnography, 12-Lead diagnostic ECG & glucometry
Unique iAssist™ help screens are critical for non-medical & intermittent users

Market leading levels of robustness, sand & water resistance enable high portability
Daylight readable, impact resistant screen supports use in bright or adverse conditions

Small, lightweight & easy to carry so it’s ideal to take with you wherever you go
Six hour battery life with intelligent battery management keeps Tempus™ IC ready for use

Integral camera with backlight for still & moving video, helps maximize your provider’s effectiveness
Wired & wireless headset options enable a continuous voice link

RapidPak™ clip enables fast deployment of key vital signs parameters
Integrated wired and wireless communications enable simultaneous voice, video & data transmission over all types of links

Overall, its in excellent working condition with no issues with the unit;

Asking Price is USD$12500

If you are interested kindly send me a message via mail

equipments at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking...



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