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For sale: Hesai Pandar40 (40-Channel Mechanical LiDAR)

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Up for sale is a Hesai Pandar40 in excellent working condition, it is one of the most popular and market-leading LiDAR product for applications in the field of robotics and highly automated driving systems.

This LiDAR has been fully tested for its function and conditions.

Output Type: Digital, Sensor Type: Electromechanical, Termination Type:    Cable with Connector, Shield: Shielded, Current Type: DC.

More about the Hesai:

Pandar40 is a 40-channelmechanical LiDAR. It creates 360° 3D images by rotating 40 laser diodes inside the housing.

Pandar40’s unique channel distribution makes it ideal for autonomous driving applications.

Pandar40 can detect objects with20% reflectivity from as far as 200 meters away.

Pandar40 has gone through stringent reliability tests, including HALT (highly accelerated life test), vibration strength test and mechanical resonance test, ensuring excellent and stable performance in harsh environments.

Pandar40 serves a wide range of industries, including autonomous driving, HD mapping and logistics.

Asking Price:USD$8000

If you are interested kindly send me a message.
keyh503 at gmail dot com

Thanks for looking.


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