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FS: Garrard turntable


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Up for sale is a uniquely rare Schedule 1 'Rimless' Cream Grease Bearing 301 Garrard turntable in excellent condition. It's Currently set to 240v and fitted with a UK/Europe 50Hz pulley.

Easy to convert to 110v and  a 60Hz Pulley (for US/Canada etc) can be purchased from other sellers. No issues at all with this equipment as it has always been properly handled and maintained with no nasty dustbug marks. Comes with original fixing nuts and bolts. This has had a recent small service: new switch spark suppressor, switch contacts and idler spring. Bearing cleaned and lubricated with light silicone grease. Running smoothly on all three speeds and ready to use! 

I have been asked about the meaning of the term 'rimless' in the description. It is a subtle difference but the rim or edge under the platter is 'flat' whereas later models had a stepped ridge. All the original Grey Hammertone 301s were 'rimless'. When the transition was made to using Cream as the production colour a few cream 301s were produced using the same rimless chassis (probably to use up the old stocks), before the later rimmed chassis was introduced. It is only a small thing, but it makes this model rare and sought after.

Asking Price: USD$2500 fully shipped.

If you are interested kindly get in contact via mail

h7mhas at gmail dot com

Thanks for looking.




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