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Covered for a COVID infected group (again)


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Definitely a trend. Here in S. Florida, it kicked in during February.

The audiences seem especially festive and glad to be back, enjoying live music.

We had 14 gigs in March, all outdoors, and all but two midday. So far, 12 have been scheduled in April.

What's amusing to Mrs. Notes and I, was that for the year and a half of unemployment, we had the gear set up and practiced an hour 3 or 4 days per week to keep our chops up and to rehearse new songs we learned. We got our first gig, and it was 3 hours -- after the first hour we were a bit tired. Our internal clocks said, "OK, let's pack it up". 😵 Of course, we did our best for the rest of the gig.

But what I also noticed is that after the dry spell, the speakers and road rack got heavier ;)

It's good to be gigging again.

Insights and incites by Notes ♫

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16 hours ago, Shaster said:

So... I've gone from one or two gigs a month, January to March inclusive, to ten gigs in April. It's like somebody flicked a switch. I'm gonna have to start exercising  to get my gig legs back. Not complaining, just confused at how sudden the shift was. I guess if May works the same, it might just be a trend. Still navigating playing in a pandemic, but I guess I've had enough of a rest to make me less cranky and reluctant. Anyway, I'm busy right now - hanging garlic at my door to keep the variants away.

Happy gigging everyone.

Shaster...do not let your guard down. Stay vigilant! Governments have started kowtowing to the whiny people, but the pandemic is not over yet. I have turned down a couple of indoor gigs ...but the weather here is improving, so once outdoor gigs are available, I'll go back to 'work', socially distanced, boostered ['borcestered' for the Bostonians😉] and carrying my N95.

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