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FS: Kent Moore EL-50332 Battery Discharge / Load Leveler Tool Set

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Up for sale is a Kent Moore Battery Discharge / Load Leveler Tool Set EL-50332. This is in excellent condition, all part functions and its in perfect working order.

The set has been handled professionally and been well maintained, no issue with any part or whatsoever.

The set comes complete with Instruction Manual and the following:

EL-50332 Battery Discharge / Load Leveler Tool
EL-50332-110 Vehicles Interface Module (VIM)
EL-50332-115 TPIM High Voltage Interface Cable
EL-50332-105 Universal Fuse Box
EL-50332-120 High Voltage Interface Cable
EL-50332-125 VIM Low Voltage Cable
EL-50332-135 BBDU Low Voltage Interface Cable
EL-50332-130 eAssist Cable
EL-50332-140 APM High Voltage Interface Cable
EL-50332-145 Sheathed High Voltage Banana Jack Cable
EL-50332-165 12 Volt Auxiliary To Clamps Adapter Cable
EL-50332-170 High Voltage Alligator Clamps
EL-50332-255 TPIM High Voltage Interface Cable
EL-50332-160 12 Volt Auxiliary Power Cable

Everything is in perfect working condition.

Asking Price: USD$8500

If you are keen kindly send me a message

keyh503 at gmail dot com


Thanks for looking.



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