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Hi Guys, This STUDIO SATURATOR brings the clarity and transparancy to the mix. You can turn the SATURATION knob to get more or less tube harmonics. Also you can meke the stereo field wider by turning the STEREO knob. This devise was designed to bring the finalization to the master or sub buss. Dual triode 12AX7 is used to get the tube harmonics.🎹

By the way untill the 31 of december there is a X-mass -20% discount on this STUDIO SATURATOR and all other devices of Victor custom workshop.


VIDEO AND SPEC: http://victor-custom.com/en/studio-saturator/

Just write about device you want to order from the cataloge or a new model of your specification. This is custom workshop and any ideas seems "insane"  are welcome! Order the device you personally want! No other workshop has so big devices expirience (over 30 years) and relatively low price for individual orders. You can only buy what the sell but in VICTOR CUSTOM WORKSHOP you can order something that no one built or sell. For example tube guitar preamp having Twin Clean channel and Diezel overdrive. Fell free to vizit and order yopur device on victor-custom.com/en
Just write (USING THE CONTACT FORM) http://victor-custom.com/en/kontakty/  what you'd like to have and price you feel good with to find the device that fits your needs the best.


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