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I own a PA system used for a seven-piece band, but am now doing originals with one person.  We are like a one-person band in that I just sing while my nephew accompanies me on his acoustic or electric guitar.  We are playing venues typically with no more than 50 people.   I am drawn to the EV Evolve 30 & 50, as well as the JBL PRX One.  But my question is:

1.  Do I really need something for a small venue?  Am I fine simply setting up one of my 12 inch FBT HiMaxx 40a speakers?  I also have a K-sub that I could bring along.  

2. Is the sound and convenience (setting up; tearing down, no need for a monitor) of the columnar system worth the investment?

I'd love your insights!

P.S. I'm really not a newbie, just an oldie who forgot his password and sign-in name!


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I would think one HiMax [that's 1kW, right?] would be plenty for vocals. Why would you want a sub? You are just vocals and guitar...no drums, no bass, no need for enhanced bottom...IMHO.

a small 4 channel mixer would be all you should add. I've gigged with much less.

I do like the EV Evolve stuff, better than, say, the Bose L1. I still have my Fishman SA220 [aka the Fishstick] which was my 'perfect solution' for solo gigs in small rooms over a decade ago and still is [vocals/guitar]; I have a scalable PA system [16ch, hotspot monitors, 8", 10" and 15" powered speakers for bigger stuff] but for solo/duo, less is more...and quick load in/out makes life simpler for us old farts...😎

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