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Peavey Impulse 1012 - HELP!!

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Hello All


I have a pair of Peavey Impulse 1012 PA speakers and I was using them yesterday and one of the speakers sounds really bad. It doesn't sound blown (it's not distorting), it just sounds very very muffled, no clarity at all.


I took the back off to look at the circuit board and checked out the HF protection device (the bit that looks like the bulb) to see if it was burned out or the filament broken as I read that is the most likely problem but it is completely fine. I've checked it very carefully.


The only thing I did notice was that on the circuit board there are 6 aluminium spacers that mount but space the circuit board to the back plate of the speaker and one of the middle ones has come off and was in the bottom of the speaker but I don't see how that would be a problem as it's not part of the circuit board circuit is it?


I am thinking that maybe the HF driver may have gone (I am hoping now though as this is expensive!).


Is there anything else that it could be or something I should look for?


Thanking anyone in advance for any help or direction they could give me.



Andy :confused:

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I assume that you have swapped the speakers to the amp channel and the poor sound stayed with the speaker that moved?


Speakers changing sound is rare, unless they have suffered some mechanical shock. They usually just work or not.


Did someone pour a beer down the throat of the horn or stuff a sock in it?


I'd check further upstream too. x

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