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Things are starting to look up.


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We're now getting booked once a month at a huge RV resort after a year and a half off. Come the winter season, it'll probably be twice, and they've already reserved a few important future dates.

After 12 consecutive seasons, once per week at a particular marina, COVID put a stop to that. In the meantime, new owners bought the place and have different ideas about entertainment (I wish them a lot of luck, they seem like nice people).

So we approached a competitor, a beachside restaurant/bar and the owner was overjoyed. He offered us the spot, better money, and a free meal too. So the party goes on, but in a different place. It's also outdoors, so it's less COVID risky.

We've also been booked for a few old condominium clients that we've worked for through the years.

Florida is currently an epicenter for COVID, thanks to our GOP governor, who the Republican PAC calls the worst governor in the nation. It's pretty bad when your own party PAC disses you. But sooner or later the anti-vaxxers will either get COVID and become immune or dead and therefore no longer the great threat they are now.

Work is coming back, so Mrs. Notes and myself can resume doing our second favorite thing to do.


Notes ♫


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The SoFussyCats >^. .^< >^. .^< are being careful about the gigs we are taking. Of course we aren't going to be risk-free, but we aim to minimize the risks.

Yes, we are the hot-zone. Our governor was voted by a PAC of his own party as the worst governor in the USA. The newspapers call him DeathSantis and only the hard-core trumpuppets approve of what he is doing.

So it's only outdoors with adequate ventilation and adequate distance from the audience.

As soon as a booster is available for us, we are in-line.

Notes ♫

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