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Korg Kronos in Shop for Repair - Wondering How Much Should I Spend?

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I have a Korg Kronos 61 with the wooden endcaps - purchased new in June 2016 for $2,500.  It has broken keys at the top end of the key bed - I have brought it in for repair to a Korg authorized electronics shop, Triple S Electronics in Bloomfield, NJ.

I am awaiting the estimate - but wondering how much I should be willing to spend on repairing it?

I am a gigging musician, my keyboards come out to gigs with me and get used "in the field" - I am not a stay-at-home and noodle in the basement type.  I need good sounds at my fingertips for various types of gigs: bars/restaurants, concerts in the park, private parties, weddings, etc...

I use it on the gigs where I am bringing out 2 keyboards & love the sounds in it - but I don't have THAT many 2 keyboard gigs lined up presently.  At a lot of the gigs I can get away with just 1 keyboard & a smaller "sound pallet."

I am thinking that if they have to replace the WHOLE keybed on the Korg Kronos it may be expensive - but I think I am willing to put up to $1,500 or $1,600 into the repair if it comes out in perfect working condition.  A used Korg Kronos 61 seems to be over 2K!

I know that I could buy a brand new Korg Krome EX 61 (which probably has very good sounds as well, though not quite Kronos-quality) for under 1K - but I think the keyboard action on the Krome is kind of nasty, if I remember correctly.  I could even get a Roland Juno-DS 61 for about 8 bills - which I think has some real good sounds in it.

I am wondering what others would do in my situation - and how much would you be willing to spend to fix the Korg Kronos?

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