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Soundcraft Spirit E Series versus M Series versus Allen & Heath ZED ??

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Hi guys

just wondered if there was any difference sonically between a Soundcraft E series or the M series? 

My current Soundcraft ES desk is on its way out, had it since 2008, never let me down on over 1500 shows but now it’s crackling and becoming unreliable 

a local guy is selling a mint condition boxed M series, the M8 model, know it has 4 x Aux sends instead of 2, but wondered if it was a “better” sounding desk anyway? There’s also another guy selling an Allen & Heath ZED14 in as new condition for around the same price 

I’m only gonna be putting my 3 keyboards into my new desk in stereo and sending left and right XLR to FOH from it…
then from the desk running into my Fischer Amps in ear amp 2 for wired in ears on stage 

PS - I don’t want a digital desk😂 I like my current config 

Cheers 😁






E09DA1BF-EB95-4B1A-A6D7-2E5B5F32E3B1.webp 855204DC-9404-4D13-A312-9454B5EF55D3.webp CDA44E37-FBFB-4ACD-B794-3C8116CD603D.webp

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