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Recording Video of My Band's Shows - Audio & Video Quality

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Hey everyone. Not sure if this is the right subforum, but I couldn't find another that seemed more suited for this thread. Anyway, I am not asking about sound board audio, at least for the moment; but, I like to record my band. I have traditionally used my Zoom Q8, which has at least passable audio quality. Certainly much better than the regular camcorders I have seen and heard videos recorded on.

In my experience, the Zoom units have horrible video quality, particularly at night, and certainly when trying to capture a whole band. So a few questions:


1. Are there decent to mid range priced units that offer video quality comparable to, say even a budget camcorder (Cannon, Sony, etc) but with really good audio? I would say that audio is my larger priority, but I would at least like video that is as good as your low end Best Buy unit.


2. Anyone have any experience with the newer Zoom unit? I think the newest model is the Q2n-4K? It looks like it may have promise. But if the video quality is anywhere near as bad as the previous Zoom models (I have also owned the Q3HD a few years back) then I would maybe rather look elsewhere.


3. Is this a you get what you pay for kinda thing? Meaning, if I am going to be spending only, say a few hundred dollars, is that my problem? What would be the price point to get, say very good audio and video at least as good as your run of the mill Amazon camcorder? I also realize "really good" is both subjective and nebulous in this context, so it's hard to know how to ask the question. Do I expect anywhere near soundboard quality from an external device? No, of course not. It's very hard to quantify "very good" audio recording quality, to be honest. But let's say, I am not looking for the kind of quality that would require spending thousands of dollars. Beyond that, what are my options, if any, in a more budget friendly range?


Thanks all! :)

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