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Guitar vs Art - The battle for the future.

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There's a distinction between a guitarist & an artist. It's usually defined by a substantial audience but not always.

It's no coincidence these virtuoso players simply don't have the fan base or critical praise of a true artist and they mostly go ignored by the general public and tend to only be appreciated by other players.

There seems to be some confusion about what an artist actually is and what constitutes "ability" in terms of artistic output.

Sadly as a guitarist myself I find the majority of players simply miss the point of an instrument as a voice for the soul and tend to focus on technique or gear acquisition over a real personal statement.

The forums here are a prime example of this and the fragile emotions which rattle around when an attempt is made to make a valid point on some wider ranging topics than wide range humbucker choices.

If guitarists wish to really move forward and the instrument to flourish again then a more open mind on this subject is demanded to make that happen.

Personally I think this instrument is dead.. dead like the jazz instruments of nearly a century ago. Things come and go and we all need to embrace that and look to the future where the song is paramount and virtuosity is redundant.

Guthrie Govan can go heave a weasel.

How are those crayon drawing working out Grant?.. Oh that's a good one mate!! You're really improving! hardly any outside the border!

FUggin guitarists 


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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, mrbrown49 said:

Only listened to a couple, but there's some good stuff there.  Well done.

Thank you.

Nice tunes. I wish more people would post instead of asking what new pickups to purchase etc..

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4 hours ago, 1001gear said:

Came across Roll the Stone. Hits the spot - although I'm not sure which one. 🤣

wow thank you so much for the compliment.. I've recorded that one several times but that's my favourite of the bunch.. Just an old cassette four track recording from 2014 but seems to hav e something the more polished ones don't. 

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