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2 Tier Keyboard Stands - Who Uses What?

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Who here uses a 2 tier kybd. stand for gigging, what do you use and how do you like it?

I don't use 2 kybds. on every gig but when I do, I use either my old Ultimate Support Apex (from the late 80's!) or a double braced X style "ProLine" 2 tier stand I bought at Guitar Wanker - when my 2 tier Quik Lok stand broke on me.  In fact, I have had 2 Quik Lok 2 tier stands break on me in my lifetime - the upper arms are height adjustable but the pieces wear out.  The ProLine is a decent stand but does NOT have hight-adjustable 2nd tier arms.

I KNOW that the X style stands are more solid than the Apex/column stands, less "bounce" when playing - so I did recently consider buying this one and wondering if anyone here uses it:

On Stage 2 tier Stand.PNG

- since it does have adjustable height on the 2nd tier arms. 

But I have found that those style stands are bulky to move into buildings, especially when they are laying on my Rock+Roller Gig Cart and the legs stick out JUST ENOUGH to get caught in doorways of narrow halls in hotels or kitchens of banquet rooms, or tiny little pathways of crowded bars when trying to plow through a crowd of people and not bang into them!  lol

For a BRIEF HOT MINUTE I also considered this one too:



...as it has GREAT reviews - and has nice space under the legs to put my 2 sustain pedals.  But I can NOT in good conscience pay over $400 bucks for a keyboard stand, that would haunt me for the rest of my days!  ha ha

So now I am upgrading to the current model of Ultimate Support Apex Plus w/the built in mic. boom arm:

Apex Plus.PNG

...because of the low-profile it has on stage - I am a short guy & trying to peer over the 2 tiered X stands to see the band and the audience has always been tricky, especially with a music stand and lyrics book there as well (which I wound up putting off to the side at a less convenient viewing angle).

I will use iPad from now on & leave the music stand at home - but even so, the low profile of the Apex Plus and the convenient "fold it up into itself" carrying method appeals to me.  Even though the sustain pedal situation will be a pain - I'll have to lean them against the right Tri-Bar leg or stick them sideways in front of the Tri-bar legs.

Anyway -
Just curious to hear about what 2 tier stands you gigging keyboard players are using these days!  35C  B97

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I wound up buying the Ultimate Support Apex Plus with the built in mic. boom

Am still considering buying the OnStage KS7292 double-braced, double tier X stand as well - just for comparison.

You only live once - and I play out (gigs) often enough that spending a few hundred bucks for 2 brand-new 2 tier stands - doesn't really phase me!  lol

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On-Stage used to make a very simple non-adjustable 2-tier Z stand that is no longer on sale by them. I bought it back in the early 00's. The second tier is permanently welded on (and made of sturdy lower-arm material)... so, no bolts or parts to break off. The 2nd tier is completely non-height-adjustable and non-tiltable (i.e. you'd have to be in agreement with the permanent height of the 2nd tier)... but this stand is very very sturdy (no bounce, no side-to-side tilt, etc.).

It was matte black when purchased. I recently painted mine red (using Red Rustoleum) to "sizzle" it up a little. Here are a couple of pics:





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I have that same heavy-duty single-tier Table Stand. I used to use it to hold up my Yamaha Clavinova CLP-350 years ago, before it bit the dust. That stand will hold up Mount Everest.


If you ever do find upper tier arms for this stand, please post it here. I wouldn't mind reviving that stand, but need the 2nd tier arms. Most common 2nd tier accessory arms won't attach to this stand. It needs special clamps.

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