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Help with identifying Fernandes Native model/era/etc.

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I have a Fernandes Native guitar, purchased new around 2002. It has a *basic* on/off one-switch sustainer system (not the one with harmonics), and the sustainer switch is just below the neck pickup instead of near the bridge as on Native Pros I have seen. The back of the headstock says "Made in Taiwan" and gives a serial number 100743.

I'd really appreciate any assistance with identifying this model. Thanks!


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Yes, I'm aware it's a Native, as the OP indicated, and I had assumed it was from the late 90s or early 2000s due to when I purchased it new. I had already searched Google for several hours before posting here, and I could not find any useful resources for determining the guitar's origins more specifically, using the Serial number etc. The lingering questions for me are:

1. Does anyone have info about Fernandes guitars made in Taiwan, vs. Japan or elsewhere? Is this a mark in its favor? Against?

2. What sub-model of Native is it? With a single basic sustainer setting, and the placement of the switch under the bridge pickup, it doesn't look like any other Native I've seen. Prototype perhaps? 

3. What do the answers to #1 and #2 suggest in terms of the guitar's potential value? 

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