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Narcissist thread to check user status upgrade scale. Scientific content only.

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On 7/5/2021 at 8:26 AM, 1001gear said:

Dunno. What's Nick Fury look like? Don't know what you look like either come to think of it.

This non badge or shield thing...





Nick Fury...apparently even the Marvel folks can't keep his appearance straight...https://comicbook.com/news/5-faces-of-fury/

as for me... I look very much like the guy on the right [the guy on the left is my buddy, Ronnie Hudson, ex-Staxx bassist and hiphop legend]




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6 hours ago, 1001gear said:

Pleased to meet the boafaya. A bar with more than one pool table? Such opulence.🙄


California...land of a million pool tables...:rolleyes2:


13 hours ago, Grant Harding said:

All this time I assumed you were a white guy. Go figure. :D

 I like to think of myself more as 'ecru' than 'white'...😜

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