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Harmonizer Redux

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Hello all, newbie here. I'm considering starting a one man band and I have some questions about harmonizers.

I'm a guitar player with a smattering of keyboard skills.

It seems the most popular (from reading posts here) are the TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX and the Digitech vocalist live 3.

I have the Digitech VL3 and I like it; it works with my Telecaster and I like the mix of vocal effects it has. MIDI would be a welcome addition but the Digitech does not have it.

However, it seems both the Digitech and the TC are already obsolete, and I am afraid to put all my eggs in the Digitech basket.

So my question: If you were to buy something new right now (2021) what would you buy? I had a look around and t seems to me the newer devices are optimized for something else but maybe I am missing something?

Or, maybe the best course of action is just to buy a backup Digitech used....?



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Obsolescence is in the eye of the beholder. 

Is a Big Muff 'obsolete'?

Is the Phase 90 'obsolete'?

Is the Ross Compressor 'obsolete'?

Just because there are newer versions has more geegaws, does that mean the older one is useless? To be honest, I use about 1/20th of what my harmonizers can do...because I don't need it, but it does do what I want it to do...why replace it?

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I guess the main thrust of the post was to talk about failure. If my DVL3 fails, I have no backup; the only choice is to purchase another unit used. They are going for around $400 right now; if a newer more current unit is working as well, I guess I'd rather spend money on that new unit, but I don't really see anything new that does quite the same thing.

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That is an issue with which we all contend...what is adequate back-up? There has to be a tipping point on redundancy, especially for FX units.

But to clarify...are you concerned that on a gig it would fail? You would carry a second unit on a gig 'just in case'? If you bought a new unit, don't you think ultimately you would relegate the older unit to the back-up slot?

Now for the reality check...has your VL ever failed? Mine has not. The power supply? Yes, and I have a replacement [$19.99].

But...I did purchase a smaller TC H1 harmonizer [~$140] as a 'back-up' [really more of a 'lightweight alternative']...and there are times I just stare at it and go...why don't I sell this?:idk:

You can get a TC VoiceLivePlay for ~$250...which I think is a reasonable deal...in fact Boss, Roland, E-H, Zoom and others have new units in that price range.


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