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FS: AudioQuest Niagara 5000 20-amp power


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Offered for sale is a AudioQuest Niagara 5000 20-amp power line conditioner/surge protector, The model number of this unit is NIAGARA5000USA and this unit is a 100% functional with no issues at all with it.

More about the equipment:

A total of 12 protected AC outlets with six isolated filter banks (compatible with 15-amp and 20-amp AC plugs):
4 High-Current/Transient Power Correction outlets for connecting a power amp, receiver, or powered subwoofer

8 Ultra-Linear Filtered/Ground Noise Dissipated outlets for connecting source components
20-amp IEC-C20 main-in power socket requires a power cable with an IEC-C19 connector

Transient Power Correction provides over 90 amps peak instantaneous current reservoir for current-starved power amplifiers
patented Ground Noise-Dissipation System vastly reduces ground-borne noise without compromising safety or creating low-level ground loops

Ultra-Linear Noise-Dissipation Technology ensures the most consistent and widest bandwidth noise dissipation possible
Zero Ground-Contamination Technology prevents the noise or surge energy present on AC Line or Neutral from connecting to the AC Ground

direction-controlled ultra-low-resistance solid-core wiring
ultra-linear AudioQuest AC RF filtering capacitors

low impedance NRG Series AC power inlet and outlets
connections feature the superior grip and lower resistance of beryllium copper, plus a heavy Hanging-Silver plating to ensure the lowest impedance at radio frequencies, enabling superior noise dissipation

non-sacrificial surge protection can withstand multiple AC surges and spikes up to 6000 volts or 3000 amps
overvoltage shutdown with automatic reset

maximum current rating: 20 amps
17-1/2"W x 5-1/4"H x 17-1/4"D
weight: 38 lbs.

Asking Price:USD$3500

If you are interested kindly contact me via mail
h7mhas at gmail dot com

Thanks for looking.



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