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4Bar style VS similar sized PARs

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I am looking at buying 8 PAR lights to wash the band on "stage".  I used to have Blizzard Fab5 lights and sold all of them; now I'm looking for something of similar power to rebuild my lighting system.  My lighting rig will be simple and pre-built, as I'll set-up 2 Trees (around the speakers) in front of the band to light them up.  I would control the Lights by DMX and won't rely on the foot pedal or IR remotes.

Are the ADJ Starbar Wash/Chauvet DJ 4BAR LT QUAD BT/Chauvet DJ 4BAR Quad RGBA systems comparable to ADJ Mega Hex Par/Chauvet SlimPAR Q6 USB par lights (4x per tree).


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