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Roland DS88 - Does Split & Layer but Can it Split AND Have a "Dual Layer" Like my Roland RD300GX

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Any Roland DS88 users out there?  I'm sure you can answer this easily:

Does the DS88 have the ability to use faders to control a bass line in the left hand side of the Split and then 2 different parts in a Dual Layer in the right hand side above the Split Point  - the way my RD300GX does?

My Roland RD300GX digital piano is still great for 1-keyboard gigs with NOT a need for a large sound pallet: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, a Generic Saw Wave Synth Sound, a few Passable Organs, etc... for BIGGER gigs needing a wider sound pallet, I use a Yamaha MoX8 with a Korg Kronos 61 - great combination of sounds.

But I do still like using the Roland RD300GX for 1-keyboard gigs, esp. if I am called upon to do Left Hand Bass, because I can Split the RD300GX easily by pressing the specific key where I want the split point. - and then I can Layer 2 sounds together in a Dual Layer thing on the fly, above the Split Point.  And there's 3 faders marked Lower and Upper 1. Upper 2 that let me control volume of all 3 of these parts COMPLETELY on the fly.

The DS88 has a much bigger sound pallet and does have Split and Dual buttons - but it only has 2 Faders marked Upper and Lower, so I think if you do a Split, you only get 1 sound on the left of the Split and 1 sound on the right.  And if the faders are marked Lower and Upper then you can't control 2 different sounds in a Layer above the Split point.

So I do NOT think the DS88 does have the ability to use faders to control a bass line in a Split and then 2 different parts in a Dual Layer, controlling the volume of ALL 3 PARTS AT THE SAME TIME - the way my RD300GX does.  Someone please prove me wrong?  


Thx B97

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