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In this particular case, my preference would be the Washburn.  Why? Because of the placement of the pre-amp unit, and the fact that it is a Fishman system. If the cutaway is important to you, then this may not be the right one for you.

Have you played these guitars? If you have not tried them out, then my [or anyone's] opinion is moot.

What brought you to these two models? Price? Features? Appearance?

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Takamine electronics are generally excellent, although naturally you won't get top of the line quality in an entry level instrument. Do bear in mind that setups on G Series Takamines can be difficult because the saddle and transducer are one piece, which means you can't sand the bottom of the saddle to lower it. In that respect, the Washburn's Fishman system has an edge, as well as in the better placement of the controls. OTOH, if you don't adjust the controls while you're playing, it doesn't matter. My main acoustic has an aftermarket pickup with no controls at all. Finally, few acoustic guitarists actually benefit from a cutaway but whether you want one is something to consider.

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