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Premier Model 120 Forever Blowing Fuses, & Again..


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Good day all~ I'm writing on behalf of a dear buddy & phenomenal, award winning pro guitarist who has this olde as the hills(early 60's) Premier model 120 amp that is forever blowing fuses, most of the time upon turn-on. I hooked him up with a literal old geezer (but 2 yrs younger than me🤔 & the sweetest guy) who can fix & rebuild anything from an old Crosley radio to a large LCD, & modern day 400 wpc Phase Linear ss amp, circuit board, HW, & even fixed my ultra high-end SACD everything player that needed a $20 laser replaced. To date, he's built me almost 10 tweed killers made from old 40 & 50's mono power/P.A. amps,
w/or w/o schematics, & then custom tailor & tweak each project to my tastes,,, He's worked on that rather basic Premier 3 or 4 times, doesn't blow fuses on his bench,  but my buddy gets it home, plays for a minute, sometimes an hour, & the amp invariably pops a fuse... No smoke or flames, just proper value fuses...  Me & my genius tech are vexed, while my bud is super frustrated, & at his wits end!! Since I'm the blogger, I thought I'd reach out to all you folks who mostly know more 'All Things Amp' than I ever could handle. So, Premier 120, great sound, pretty as hell, but has it out for fuses. I know enough to almost be dangerous under the hood, & I could easily follow along with any suggestions or fixes. Sorry for the ramblin' post, but I wanted to give some background. 
Thanks in advance, & stay well everyone!!

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I would have to guess that he needs a power conditioner, as it is likely that spikes in his home AC are blowing the fuses, since it does not replicate on the tech's bench. If he gigs the amp, has it ever fried a fuse anywhere other than at his home?

Not knowing the circuit design, nor the value of the fuse in question, that would be the first thing I would look at.


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