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Problem ONLY When Using 9v Battery

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Good eve' all~ I'm having in issue with this older (but not Uber vintage) Ibanez Tube Screamer, that when I got it used, the pedal did not light up or work with a fresh battery & cables inserted. I checked for positive continuity between the battery holder lugs & their associated connects. But it works just fine when using it in my pedal board, powered by juice from the wall. Once, I was able to get a momentary flicker of light out of it by fiddling w/the wires & battery instered, but I couldn't do it on command & try to trace the culprit. The pedal did come with an intermittent on/off button, but that was easily replaced with the exact same button. Any thoughts, or other not so obvious checkpoints? Many thanks in advance~~ Stay safe & be well!!



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