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How to handle 3 wireless sources? Mic, Guitar and In-Ear Monitors

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I'm a singer songwriter and I currently have a Shure GLX-D16 wireless guitar transmitter.

I would like to now also have my mic and in-ear monitor be wireless as well.

I could get another Shure Wireless transmitter and receiver to handle the mic, and also a Shure kit for in-ear monitoring. Is buying these piece by piece the best way to go?

Instead of buying 3 separate wireless units, is there a single device that will handle these specific 3 items for me?

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Good morning:

If it were me I'd get three separate wireless units rather than one multi-channel unit (if one actually exists).


Although convenient, I'd rather not have all of my eggs in-one-basket.

A bigger question: UHF or VHF?

With the FCC selling-off UHF frequencies these days if you buy a UHF unit, will it still be legal in 5 years??


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