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No Frills Chorus Needed, but,,,

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Hi , I'm in need of an inexpensive but quality chorus that I can slap at the end of my chain, keeping all settings at or almost 'zero', for when/if I want to feed a stereo setup!
I have other modulating devices for the real thing.
Perhaps something that's known for its excellent separation quality.
I caught some thread yesterday that had mentioned the MXR M234 analogue chorus, but it's probably too much pedal for the intended purpose..
& do i need to be concerned with True Bypass if it's always going to be on, & splitting into stereo?
Again, no frills & great separation, even at the mildest of settings!!
Thanks all & be well!


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budget? 'Inexpensive' is in the mind of the buyer....

If the unit is always on, then True-By-Pass is not an issue...actually, if you run a buffer in your signal chain, then TBP is not a big deal at all.

[ I have a generic mini-buffer I will sell you cheap-cheap-cheap...😉]

There are a ton of chorus and modulation pedals out there. I have some pricey ones, and a dirt cheap one.

I use a Donner 'Tutti Love' in my 'grab'n'go' mini-pedal board; it is dirt cheap, it has been durable, and does the job. These show up on Reverb.com priced under $30[US], but new ones are less than $40...Mooer, Rowin, Joyo, Outlaw [and many other 'Chinese labels'] all sell essentially the same pedal.

If you want to go 'oldskool name brand', The Danelectro Fab chorus is cheap, but sounds okay, and the EHX Nano-clone chorus does too. You will be able to find these used around $30[US] used as well.

Avoid the Behringer junque...:wave:It works, but will deteriorate rapidly over time...but if all you want is to leave it on all the time, it might be okay.[the housing and switches are the weakest link on most Behringer pedals]

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Howdy all, & thanks DaddyMack, & tell me more about this buffer,,, is it a box, & where does it go & do?

After doing some research & consulting my ouija board, it's probably down to the TC Electronics stereo Corona & the MXR M234,, but from what someone what claims, onbthe MXR, the one output is dry while the other is the wet one,,, & that's not what I seek,, I want both outs to be 'effected' & you get this outrageous soundstaging that when I last had one it was a DOD FX65,,, So maybe I need to throw that one into the mix,,, I love TC stuff, though it's now made in Thailand (still designed in Denmark),, Too bad for me that their stereo Chorus/Flanger is in the 200 range,, but I'm not gonna let a few bucks keep me from a great pedal by a great company like TC~ Any closing thoughts before I just pull some trigger or another? 

Thnx again & stay well~

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