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AB International Precedent series

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       I have a Precedent 900A and a 600A. They both work ok. In a low power situation (say, 200 wpc max) I hear them sounding better than the Carver amp I was using. The band leader said "Your rig sounds better tonight" after I brought in a 900a that I borrowed. He didn't know or care what amp I had but he instantly heard the difference. We were keyboards, sax, and drums in a restaurant, so not loud at all.   Since then, I can't stand the Carver sound anymore. The Carver sounds sort of "mushy" with some kind of very subtle "phasing?" that messes with the wave form. I am happy to cart the 900a around just to have it sound better. And I think that the 600a sounds as good.  So, was I hearing the Carver as having a "switching " power supply? Thus causing it to sound that way?

      I also have used a Hafler P3000 and I like that sound as well. (after power up the Hafler needs to sit for a minute until the DC output settles down.)  So, if I don't need all the power from the 900a (or 600a) might I still hear the AB amps as sounding better (to my ears) than the Hafler P3000? (and forget about the Carver).

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