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Solution for broken connector on T-Bar Stand


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Unsure if this is the best place to post/ask this question:

I've used 2 Odyssey LTP2-T-Bars that have lasted me 9+ years of gigging.  I finally had a plastic piece crack and was wondering if there are any ideas for a solution?  I've heard that Odyssey customer service is awful and won't help out with replacment parts.


In the above link, I need to replace part: MT-0036, the lower tension connector.  It cracked and I cannot sercure the bottom pole.  Thanks in advance!

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Ah, okay, the ten dollar option is off the table....:rolleyes2:

have you actually contacted Odyssey? Going on negative hearsay is seldom the best solution on strictly OEM parts.

If the part can be removed from the unit, you might be able to fix the crack with epoxy, or mechanically drill and screw it back together...but beyond that? Not much to tell you. There is a reason they make that part out of plastic and not from cast or machined metal...you may have just found out the reason...🙁

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